About the Skipper

We will take you on your ultimate fishing trip, targeting sharks. White Water II on one days fishing have boated 19 blue sharks. Quite often boating five fish over the 100lb in the days fishing.

About the Skipper

Andrew Alsop owner Skipper of White Water II.

White Water II was part built and fitted out by myself.

That means that there is not a screw or wire that's not familiar to me. All the electronics and vital equipment run on separate feeds, so if we have problem with one item it will not affect another. Running a single screw it was important to have a robust engine. That's where the caterpillar diesel comes in. Their reputation is second to none. Vital for hitting the big seas off West Wales.

For now White Water II is proving to be a good servant. We've had her out in all types of weather offshore. There's no worst seas around the UK than the open waters of the Atlantic of West Wales.

Angling parties have on the odd occasion commented 'now we know why she is called White Water!!'

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Skipper Andrew Alsop.

From a young age I always had an immense interest in fishing, luckily for me good fishing was available at Aberthaw, just ten minutes walking distance from my home.

I was involved with a local wreck fishing group for many of years fishing out of Plymouth twice a month on Tony Allens Famous Lochin 38 ELECTRIC BLUE.

That's what gave me the bug to find and catch big fish. In those days congers were making the head lines but on the odd day we would target SHARKS.

I've always had a passion for Sharks, the ultimate predator and one of biggest fish that can be caught from the UK.

I caught my first shark off West Wales 1996 from my 22 foot boat.

   Andrew Alsop    22lb Coalfish (Andrew Alsop)    40lb Ling (Andrew Alsop)
 Andrew Alsop   Andrew Alsop with Dave Lewis from Shimano