White Water Charters

Shark Fishing

Want to catch the ultimate sea predator, then try Shark Fishing in the seas off Pembroke, West Wales, which has become a prominent Porbeagle and Blue Shark area. Milford Haven is regarded as one of the best Shark venues in the UK at present. The Gulf Stream influence on the West Wales Coast have produced large sharks, with many Blue and Porbeagle sharks over 200lb caught on White Water Charters.

Latest News (19th July 2013): Andy Griffiths catches a Mako Shark on Whitewaters !!!

Andrew Griffiths Mako Shark

News (21st June 2013): Andy Griffiths catches our first porbeagle for the 2013 sharking season

Andrew Griffiths Porbeagle Shark


Wayne Little Blue Shark

Mathew Riddler Porebeagle Shark

Porebeagle Shark

Steve Cook Blue Shark

Ronnie Webb Blue Shark


Not since 1959 had a blue shark over 218lb been caught in the British Isles until October 2010, then Wayne Little caught the biggest one yet, weighing in at 222 lbs View the video

The host of the Sky TV's fishing programme Tight Lines Keith Arthur took a trip out with us in search of a British Shark. View the video

Expert Catfish Angler Kevin Midmore goes shark fishing in Wales View the video


Reef & Wreck Fishing

Want to catch lots of inshore fish, then try Reef Fishing off West Wales, in reef locations such as the Wild Goose, the Hats and Barrels and the Smalls. Reef fishing off West Wales produces Bass, Cod, Ling, Coalfish and Mackeral being the usual target species, but other quality fish are regularly caught around the reefs and not just over it, such as Tope. Conger, Gurnard, and Bullhuss not being uncommon.

Want to catch lots of big fish offshore, then try Wreck Fishing off West Wales. Wreck fishing off West Wales can produce a good selection of quality fish; Pollack, Bass, Cod, Ling and Coalfish. June through until early November are the most productive of times of the year for offshore wrecking.


Bristol Channel Fishing

The Bristol Channel is renowned for its Cod Fishing, not to mention the excellent Conger and Ray fishing, the Cod season tends to start at the end of August and runs right through to the middle of May, with the best time being October to January, then again in March and April which is generally known as the spring run of fish that feed up before they move off into the Irish sea for the summer. Read more about Cod Fishing in the Bristol Channel. Want to catch more fish in the Bristol Channel, then know what species of fish to target and when, bristol channel fishing seasons, or maybe try uptiding, or change your Bait.


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